Books For Prisoners or Inmates (Christian) and Prison Ministry Books

1,352 Days: An Inspirational Journey from Jail to Joy

by Karin Volo (Author)


As days turn into months and years, it is love, faith, and hope that keeps you going, with your second husband fighting to get you home and your daughters growing up without you….for 1,352 days.

Choices: Lessons Learned from a Repeat Offender


As he details his experiences from an early age, James provides insight into how he developed a survival mode of thinking that evolved into a powerful tool of manipulation. He began to believe in his own lies and became deceitful in order to remove himself from tight situations. While reflecting on his own path through life and the chain of events that eventually led to his downward spiral, James encourages and empowers others to learn from his mistakes, consider their choices, and trust in God to experience a life greater than ever imagined.

Daily Light on the Prisoner's Path

by J. R. Woodgates (Author)

The Author talks about how he felt behind bars. He was a devout Christian and he lived his life as God’s son even if he was never going to leave prison. This book talks about God’s love and forgiveness. It is one of those good inspirational books for prisoners because it is meant to inspire inmates to keep living in faith.

Doing HIS Time: Meditations and Prayers for Men and Women in Prison


This is a book that includes Christian meditations and study guides for inmates that chaplains and prison ministers can use when interacting with men and women behind bars who are in search of hope and inspiration through Jesus Christ.

Doing Time with God: Stories of Healing and Hope in our Prisons

by Mr. Bill Dyer (Author)


After the author was shot in a robbery at an ATM, he never dreamed that God would heal his anger and hatred and turn it into compassion for prisoners and other crime victims. This led Dyer to visit prisons with other victims of violence to share their experiences with inmates. When prisoners read this restorative justice book they are touched by stories of men and women just like them, and experience God's healing, comforting, and guiding presence.

Exiles: A Prisoner's Daily Devotional

by Terry Solley (Author), Johnny Blevins (Author), Jason Karch

One of the best books for prisoners to read, this is an account of several prisoners stories. It talks about fellowship and devotion. It is a book that guides you on how to read your bible and follow certain Christian practices that would guide you while in prison.

Inside the Fence: A Handbook for Those in Prison Ministry


For ministering behind bars, this belongs with the best Christian books. Prison ministry consists of many aspects and this book covers the most important ones – the rewards and challenges that one can expect when entering prisons to minister to those behind bars. Father Schilder shines light on the kind of person one must be (at least in part) to deal with the demands that come with serving Christ in prison. One of the best things about this book is that it provides great tips on how to prepare for ministering to inmates in jail or prison

God Behind Bars: The Amazing Story of Prison Fellowship

by John Perry (Author), Charles Colson (Foreword)

After spending several months in prison after the Watergate scandal, Chuck Colson was released and never wanted to return to prison. However, God came calling and Colson did return to share God’s love in one of the darkest environments around. This book tells the story of Prison Fellowship, the ministry Colson started over thirty years ago and which today is known around the world.

Humbled ~ Letters From Prison

by Jayson Williams (Author)

NBA All-Star Jason Williams humbled himself in his personal letter s and journals while he was in prison. Considered one of the top encouraging books for prisoners, this reveals shocking events, shameful secrets, and scars that God alone can heal. He held back nothing about his experience and his faith in God.

Kairos Prison Ministry: Salvation Through Jesus

by Ken Dawson (Author)

This touching book was written by Ken Dawson. In it Dawson shares his experience being a part of the Kairos Prison Ministry. In Kairos, thirty volunteers enter a prison and spend time with inmates over a long weekend, during which time they fellowship in worship services and study groups. In addition, Kairos volunteers eat homemade meals and sing and pray with one another. In this, truly one of the best books on prison ministry, Dawson tells several stories, including how prisoners helped him through the mourning process after the loss of his son.

Lifeline: A daily devotional for prisoners — both inside and outside of prison

by James Murphy (Author)


The author has to experience brokenness in his life and has used this book to inspire faith in us. One of the great encouraging books for prisoners, this is a scriptural book with the goal of simply changing the lives of readers to walk toward and in truth. It teaches inmates to walk more closely to God and it inspires faith in our lives.

Ministry with Prisoners & Families: The Way Forward

by W. Wilson Goode Sr. (Author), Charles E. Lewis Jr. (Editor),


This resource serves as a great guide to prison ministry because it goes far beyond traditional ministry information about Bible studies and worship. Although these are extremely important, it is also helpful to learn about ministries that not only address prisoners, but also prison reform, re-entry, and family members who have incarcerated loved ones. These topics are addressed very well by all who contributed to this book, including pastors, ministers, scholars, and people who were formerly incarcerated.

Prisoner of Hope: A Story of Recovery & Redemption

by Ed Cook (Author)

Some forks in the road simply provide a side trip or detour. Others alter the shape and meaning of a person's life. As Ed Cook writes, "My new life began the day I didn't kill myself." Choosing life on April 28, 1976 resulted in Ed's life moving in an entirely new direction. That day began a fifteen-month journey from addiction to recovery and from atheism to faith. What could have been an overly sober story is kept enjoyably readable with infusions of wit and wisdom. Hearing another's story often prompts us to think about our own stories and learn from them. You may find that by reading Prisoner of Hope, you may learn more about yourself than about Ed Cook.

Prisoners in the Bible

by Zach Sewell (Author)


This is another one of the great books to read while in jail or prison. Every chapter in this book talks about the life of someone in prison. It talks about how God responds to everybody’s situation in a unique way. The author believes that no two stories are the same. This book contains questions to discuss, making it one of the best books for prisoners to read.

Prison Ministry Training Basic Training Part 2: Volunteer Recruiting, Training and Oversight by Gregory E. Von Tobel (Author)

This is one of those excellent books for prison ministry because it is the ideal resource for anyone who would like to start their own prison ministry from scratch. Not only does it cover steps to get started, it also provides great information on growing a prison ministry through recruiting a group of volunteers and training them to become an effective team that works well together in making God’s presence known in prisons.

The Daniel Key: 20 Choices That Make All the Difference

by Anne Graham Lotz (Author)


These 20 choices will bring satisfaction when the world says you are not sufficient. The choices made by Daniel to serve God even in a place they did not recognize God’s power. God saved him from the lions and these are just the secrets of living a successful life with God. Daniel’s faith is a major key to life. Daniels Choices can become yours. Other choices in this book will inspire your faith in God.

The Prison Minister's Handbook: Volunteer Ministry to the Forgotten Christian

by John Cowart (Author)


As a former chaplain in this ministry category, John Cowart takes you through various prison settings from county and city jails to women, federal and state prisons. He also explains the crisis in our Criminal justice system and helps the reader see things from the perspective of a criminal mind hence helping them discern what Christian gifts they should offer while serving in this

Wanted: A Spiritual Pursuit Through Jail, Among Outlaws, and Across Borders


by Chris Hoke (Author)

Interweaving his own story with moving vignettes and gritty experiences in hidden places, a jail chaplain and minister to Mexican gang and migrant worker communities chronicles his spiritual journey to the margins of society and reveals a subversive God who’s on the loose beyond the walls of the church, pursuing those who are unwanted by the world.

You Can Bounce Back: "The Psychology of A Preacher In Prison"

by Dr. Douglas McDuffie (Author)

Considered one of the best Christian books for prisoners, this serves as an inspiration to make people bounce back to life after their time in prison. It is a message for preachers like the author himself, as well as church leaders and young people who have fallen and want to reconcile with God and use their God-given abilities to be the person that God created them to be.

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