Devotional Books for Prisoners

Devotional Book - 90 Day Challenge: Devotions Designed For Inmates
By Erin Roys
There are 90 devotionals in this book. Each takes a verse and expands on how it applies today, right now, to you as you sit in prison. There is a topical index at the end of the book you can use to search for verses to bring you comfort direct from His word. Each daily devotional has the text on one side of the page with some black lines on the facing page. These are for you to use. Write prayer requests or jot down any specific thought that came to you as you read the Scripture for the day. You can review these later in the year to see how He has been faithful to keep His promises to you.

Day by Day Grace
International Prison Ministry
By Erin Roys
By Bob Hoekstra
“God wants us to know His grace. He wants us to learn about it and then experience it at work in our lives. In these devotionals, Pastor Bob Hoekstra explains that God’s grace is much more than forgiveness. It is much more than new birth. It is much more than we have yet understood, comprehended or drawn upon. God’s grace is much more than sufficient to give us abundant life and much more than what is necessary to radically change our live

Doing HIS Time: Meditations and Prayers for Men and Women in Prison (English)
by James Vogelzang (Author), Lynn Vanderzalm (Author, Editor)
"Doing HIS Time: Meditations and Prayers for Men and Women in Prison" is a devotional book written by James C. Vogelzang, founder of Doing HIS Time prison ministry. After reading Chuck Colson's autobiography, "Born Again," James felt called to go into prison and share the love of Jesus in the form of a devotional. From 1999-2008, he researched prison life, and through this experience, he and co-author and editor, Lynn Vanderzalm wrote "Doing HIS Time."

Doing HIS Time: Meditations and Prayers for Men and Women in Prison (Spanish)
by James Vogelzang (Author), Lynn Vanderzalm (Author, Editor)
Llevar el Evangelio de Jesucristo a hombres y mujeres en prisión, en su lengua, la comprensión de su cultura de una manera que hace que cobre vida. Jim Vogelzang pasó 36 años en la cárcel, pero nunca pasó un día tras las rejas! En la cárcel con el egoísmo y el mundo sufrió una transformación espiritual a los 36 años, después de leer la autobiografía de Chuck Colson s, Born Again. Él sentía que Dios s llamado para ir a la cárcel y compartir la gracia del amor de Jesucristo en la forma de una devoción que entrega el mensaje en un recluso s lengua y situación. De 1999 a 2008, el autor investigó la vida en prisión y jerga para entender mejor lo que era ser encarcelados. Luego de tomar este conocimiento, y co-author/editor Lynn Vanderzalm escribió haciendo su tiempo a compartir la Buena Nueva en un recluso s lengua materna. Este es un libro poderoso y penetrante que es a debe tener que hablar de Dios s amor de una manera que todos los involucrados en el sistema de justicia penal va a entender.

Exiles: A Prisoner's Daily Devotional
By Terry Solley, Johnny Blevins, Jason Karch
Exiles is a Christian Devotional Book written by inmates for inmates. Exiles will bless inmates and free-world people alike, making its way into both kinds of prisons (spiritual and physical) something we all know well. Each page of this devotional book represents a day in the calendar year and includes a verse or two of Scripture, three to four short paragraphs about the Scripture applicable to a prison context, then a brief listing for further Bible reading.

Prisoners in the Bible
By Zach Sewell
"I have read Prisoners in the Bible once and am planning to read it all the way through again soon. I have gone back to it when I've felt alone, down, and even lost. It has helped me a lot. I liked several parts: How Joseph Handled Temptation, How God Can Use Anyone, Fear in Prison, God's Power to Change a Life, etc. I could go on about what I liked about it, but just know that it's helped me survive!"
--Thomas, Inmate at Federal Prison Camp in Duluth, Minnesota

Prisoners in the Bible | Christianbook
By Zach Sewell
Each chapter in this book explores the story of a different person in the Bible who was imprisoned, and considers the unique way that God was at work in their situation. The purpose of this book is to encourage people who are currently in prison by showing them how God has worked through the difficult situation of imprisonment many times before.

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