Bible Correspondence Courses for Prisoners

Christian Jail Ministry
CJM provides two series of Bible correspondence course lessons for HCDC inmates. One series studies different books of the New Testament. The other series studies topics from a Biblical perspective. Inmates who complete all of the lessons in both series are awarded a very nice study Bible. These lessons are graded locally by CJM volunteers at a grading center located in Bethel Baptist Church (Ellicott City, MD). Inmates likely to be at HCDC for a prolonged period who have completed all of these Bible correspondence courses and who are interested in in-depth study of the Bible can be enrolled in correspondence courses from various Bible colleges (such as the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago or the Washington Bible College).

Crossroads Prison Ministries
The Crossroads mentorship program currently offers 12 correspondence Bible study courses for prisoners that each contain up to 14 lessons. Each course is created to help Crossroads students learn more about God and how to follow Him with the help of their mentor.

Emmaus Correspondence School
This page has a list of correspondence courses about prison ministry. ECS published many prison ministry courses in different languages.

Exodus Prison Ministry
Exodus Prison Ministry has published an in-depth 35-book Bible correspondence course that they send to requesting inmates for free. You may contact their office to request copies of these correspondence courses.

Gospel Echoes

Little Lambs Inc
The Little Lambs School of the Bible Discipleship Training Course is an intensive correspondence Bible study course available, for free, to any inmate who may be interested. See Prison Programs for enrollment form.

Prison Mission

Rock of Ages Ministries
Rock of Ages Ministries is dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission in taking the Gospel to prisons, educational institutions, military prisons, and through our church planting assistance program. Established on five continents preaching the Gospel and conducting discipleship classes on a daily basis. Our goal is to glorify God by taking the Gospel to the entire world.

Source of Light Ministries

The Emmaus Road Prison Curriculum
Emmaus Prison Ministry can help you through the process of actually visiting and ministering to inmates inside prisons and jails.

The Mailbox Club
The Mailbox Club International offers free Bible lessons for prisoners or inmates. To receive their free Bible lessons, just sign up the form found on their website

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