Anger Management Programs for Prisoners

Prison Fellowship Connection Classes
Prison Fellowship Connection
Prison Fellowship Connection Classes offer men and women behind bars the chance to receive regular support and encouragement as they study God's truth and learn to apply it to their lives. Thousands of trained Prison Fellowship volunteers across the country lead regular Bible studies, drop-in classes, substance abuse recovery groups, and seminars on topics from marriage to anger management. In a truly caring environment, prisoners build community and develop transformative life skills.

Anger Management
Twin Cities Ministries
TCM believes we, as Christians, have an obligation to help those who are dealing with the trauma of incarceration and related life experiences. Titus 2 exhorts us to be rich in good deeds and meet the pressing needs around us. TCM desires to share the hope of Jesus Christ with those dealing with the effects of incarceration and other life controlling issues.

Pre and Post-Release Services
The job readiness curriculum includes topics such as career research, letter and resume writing skills, completing an application, and interviewing. Life-skills instruction includes addressing anger management and substance abuse issues as well as handling problems at work, dealing effectively with bosses and co-workers, attendance on the job, and receiving criticism. Personal issues are addresses through one-on-one counseling as well as group sessions. Participants also attend Getting Ahead While Getting Out classes. The program emphasizes the importance of inmates working with their families, counselors, community organizations

Prison Educational Programs for Anger Management
Prison Fellowship
Many prisons offer life skills programs, which are non-credit courses designed to help prisoners learn to manage anger, overcome criminal thinking, set and achieve goals, become more responsible, develop healthy relationships, and avoid substance abuse. Prisoners are also strongly encouraged to participate in 12-step programs such as Celebrate Recovery, Alcoholics Anonymous, and Narcotics Anonymous. Community volunteers often lead these classes.

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